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Mometasone nasal for nasal congestion

Mometasone is a certain type of steroid medication and it isvery efficient in preventing the release of certain substances in the humanbody which are normally known for causing inflammatory conditions. Mometasonenasal is a specific type of mometasone commonly used for the treatment ofcertain types of nasal symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing and nasalcongestion. These symptoms are commonly triggered by various sorts ofallergies. In some cases this medication may also be used for the treatment ofnasal polyps. One needs to be ratherpatient, because the first signs of the improvement of the symptoms may appearonly after 2 weeks of constant use of the medication. The doctor usually needsto check the progress of the medication on a regular basis. Scheduled visits tothe doctor should not be missed because they also address the side effects ifthey do occur. One should be well aware of the fact that mometasone nasal isvery efficient in lowering the amount of blood cells which are normally usedfor the prevention of numerous different types of infections. This is why it isof utmost importance to avoid being around those who are sick or have some sortof infection. Some medical conditions may be fatal in people who are treatedwith mometasone nasal. Another important measure of precaution is to alwaysavoid getting mometasone nasal in the eyes. If it does occur, the eyes need tobe rinsed with water, and the patient should call the doctor to ask for furtherdirections. Children should not use mometasone nasal because it may affect thenormal growth rate. Those who are allergic to mometasone should avoid usingmometasone nasal because it too can trigger the unwanted allergicreactions. There are certain medicalconditions which the doctor needs to know about before prescribing mometasonenasal. The patient needs to inform the doctor about any sickness or infections,if there are any. If the patient is allergic to any kind of drug, the doctorneeds to know about that. Other important medical conditions which the doctorneeds to know about before prescribing mometasone nasal include recentsurgeries on the nose, recent injuries of the nose, ulcers inside the nose,sores inside the nose, tuberculosis, herpes simplex virus of the eyes,cataracts, glaucoma or any other type of illness or infection. Pregnant womenand women who plan on becoming pregnant should steer clear of mometasone nasalbecause it may have some harmful effects on the unborn child. The same can besaid for all breastfeeding mothers, because mometasone nasal may pass intobreast milk and have some harmful effects on the baby.

How to Use it?

Like all other prescribed medications, mometasone nasalshould be used exactly as it was prescribed by the doctor. It should not beused for longer than recommended by the doctor and it also should not be usedin amounts larger than those prescribed by the doctor. It may also be a goodidea to follow all the directions which can be found on the prescription labelprovided by the doctor. The directions need to be followed carefully becausethey are there to ensure that patient uses the medication in an effective andsafe manner. In most cases, mometasone nasal needs to be sprayed once or twiceinto each nostril just once per day. The medicine needs to be shaken well andthe spray pump needs to be primed before the use by spraying into the air untilthere is a fine mist coming out of the pump.

To be sure this medication is not causing harmful effects onyour nose or sinuses, your doctor may want to check your progress on a regularbasis. Do not miss any scheduled visits to your doctor. The medicament alwaysneeds to be stored in an upright position. It needs to be kept away from heatand moisture, so it can be kept at room temperature. Once the person has used120 sprays of the medications, it needs to be thrown away in spite of the factthat there may still be some medicine left in the bottle. This type ofmedication should never be used alongside other sorts of herbal products,nutritional supplements, vitamins, prescription medications and nonprescriptionmedications. If a person misses a dose it needs to be taken as soon aspossible. If it is almost time for the next dose, the forgotten one just has tobe skipped before continuing the regular schedule. Doses should never bedoubles in order to make up for those that have been missed. A mometasone nasaloverdose may be life threatening and it calls for immediate medical attention.

Side effects of Mometasone nasal

Less serious side effects of mometasone nasal include soresaround or inside the nose, nausea, joint pain, muscle pain, cough, sore throat,stuffy nose and headaches. More serious side effects include flu symptoms, bodyaches, chills, fever, vision problems, trouble breathing, wheezing, sores inthe nose, nose bleed and allergic reactions.

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