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Nasal sprays are commonly used to offer instant relief to clogged nasal passages when a person has a cold. However, one should be careful when using them, because there are many side effects that can occur. Some of these complications can even cause serious and permanent damage if a person is not careful with nasal sprays.

They are commonly available in almost and drug or health store and can be bought over-the-counter. Nasal sprays offer instant relief from congestion and chest and nasal tract irritation when a person is suffering from a cold or flu-like symptoms.

The possibility of incurring side effects and damage is different from person to person and depends on the individual genetic makeup, degree of infection and the amount of nasal spray that is being used.

When the spray is administered, the spray begins constricting the blood vessels in the swollen nasal passage. The constriction enables the swelling to die down and allows a person to breath easier as a result. When the spray’s effect wear out, the vessels expand again and congestion repeats itself.

Constant and repeated use of the spray can lead to certain side effects and unexpected complications.

No matter how effective they are, nasal sprays should not be used in excess, because they are steroids. All steroids can cause side effects.

There are many potential side effects, ranging from minor to serious, association with nasal sprays, some includes stinging or burning sensations, sneezing and extreme amounts of nasal discharge, dry nostrils, rapid and pounding heartbeats, dizziness and trouble sleeping, shaky hands and arms, feeling of extreme weakness, nausea and vomiting, fungal infection in the nose or the throat, excessive coughing, severe nosebleeds, Increased thirst, trouble with urination, breathing, persistent headaches, breakouts of acne, painful menstruation, and severe allergic reactions.

There are some alternatives that can be considered to relieve the stuffy noses instead of nasal sprays. Some include homeopathy treatments and medicine, steam inhalation, saline nasal drops, breathing exercises and sleep.

These can also help with congestion and nose blockage. It is clear that the speed at which nasal sprays works and the fact that they are simple and effective, can often be very luring, especially for people who are seeking immediate relief.

However, for the same reasons, people can become addicted to using the nasal spray. Ideally, it would be better to use an alternative treatment if a person has enough time and wants to try more natural and safer ways to get rid of their congestion. By doing this, the potential side effects that come with overusing nasal sprays can be avoided altogether.

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