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DescriptionHay fever can be understood as the seasonal ailment, since it is, actually, the allergic reaction to the irritation by the allergens that show up during the same period every year, that is, in the spring and beginning of the summer. Those allergens are the particles of pollen and a lot of people nowadays are very susceptible to get this type of allergy.

The common name for this phenomenon is also the season of sneezing since the most prominent symptom of this ailment is the constant irritation in the nasal cavities, which inevitably causes an individual to sneeze, and even sometimes the real attacks of the non-stop sneezing could happen. Other indicators of this condition are the constant sense of itch, the increased secretion of mucus and sometimes rash could appear.

The natural remediesThe medical term for this condition is allergic rhinitis and it is the inflammatory process of the membranes of the nasal cavities, which happens when the harmful particles are inhaled, especially when the immunity is not at its best. So, the best thing to do is to boost the immune system as much as possible, before the season of the allergens even commences, as the prevention.

The best enhancer of the immunity is honey which simply should be eaten more, and, of course, it is important to choose the unprocessed one. It is so beneficial because it contains propolis, enzymes, honeycomb, and pollen (because of that it could be categorized as the homeopathic remedy).

Besides honey, there are some plants which are focused on providing a relief from the symptoms, that is, on minimizing the organism’s allergic reaction, by also encouraging the immunity. The popular solutions for this problem are the tea made from nettle or from the herb called butterbur.

Other than that, it is especially good to add more onions into the dietary regime, since it contains a high concentration of the chemical called quircetin, which is very beneficial for this purpose. Also, by adding more of the vitamin C and the mineral zinc into the carefully balanced diet, the alleviation of the symptoms will be reached. So, it is recommendable to eat more citrus fruits and that way increase the intake of those nutrients in the fresh form. At this point, it is important to point out that the affected person must stay away from the fast food and the highly processed sugar.

And, finally, as far as the topically intended remedies are concerned, applying some Vaseline or cream into the nose will help a lot in alleviating the irritation because this action will provide something like the protective film over the membranes of the nose.

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