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Nasal spray addiction

Unpleasant dependency

Once a person comes down with a cold or some other illness that also affects the person’s breathing passages, as a direct consequence, the nose gets into “stuffy” mode. What happens is that the blood vessels, which are located inside the nasal cavity, expand thus enabling the excess fluid to find its way into the tissues, and it is exactly this that initiates the blockage. And once our nasal cavities become clogged, a person experiences a lot of difficulty when attempting to breathe in and out by way of a nose. Given its unpleasant nature, it can affect numerous spheres of one’s life, including the sleep. Therefore, once this takes place, people tend to momentarily seek help from the “authorized nasal spray.” The fact that the remedy in question is highly effective when it comes to providing immediate alleviation is true, of course. But one quite unpleasant downside is that a person can seriously get “hooked” on it, and that way jeopardize his/her overall health and well being to an enormous extent. The possible and reasonable explanation is considered to be based in the fact that though providing relief, this is only short-term in nature, which means that every once in a while, in the course of the day or night, a person needs to spray some into the nose. And this is how the addiction starts.

Addiction inducing villains

The strength of any nasal spray lies in the fact that it produces a completely opposite effect on the person’s nasal blood vessels, i.e. it constricts them immediately after the spray has been employed. It also brings the overall swelling under control, thus resulting in the opening up of the breathing passages and enabling a person in question to breathe properly once again. Unfortunately, and as mentioned above, given the fact that this last only for a limited time, once the effects of the spray wear off, then it’s back to the unpleasant beginning once again. This is the main reason behind the more than recommended use of a nasal spray. In case a person, after a while, keeps carrying the opted for spray everywhere s/he goes, cannot stand to be without it and starts raising havoc once the spray cannot be found or there isn’t any more left, then the person should face the unpleasant truth – addiction is already there.

Remedy addiction downsides

The most serious downside to this addiction is a fairly frequent recurrence of nasal congestion. This is induced by overdoing it with the nasal spray and the development of spray tolerance. Because of this, the person in question will not benefit from the effects of the spray to such a high degree as at the beginning of the treatment, but on the other hand, s/he will keep on using the spray since the congestion would be still present. Among other most common side effects are such as bleeding from the nose, coughing, watery eyes, allergic reactions, increased heartbeat rate, as well as post nasal drip.

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