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Nasal sprays are found to be extremely useful for runny nose and nasal congestion. These symptoms may occur in different conditions, such as: sinusitis (infection of the sinuses), stuffy nose or various allergies. Patients suffering from these problems are advised to moisturize their nasal passages often and clean mucus accumulated there. Most people found out that prescription nasal sprays work much better than some over the counter products. Prolonged use of nasal sprays is not recommended because it can lead to some rebound congestion.

There are different types of nasal sprays, depending on the active ingredients in them and their use. On the market, you can find decongestants, antihistamine nasal sprays, corticosteroid or cromolyn nasal sprays, but some saline nasal sprays as well. Some of the commonly used nasal spray brands are Afrin, Nasacort AQ, Sinus Buster, Tylenol, but many other brands of this product can also be found on the market.


Afrin sinus nasal spray can be bought as Afrin Extra Moisturizing Nasal Spray and Afrin Severe Congestion Nasal Spray and there are also Afrin No Drip Extra Moisturizing Pump Mist and Afrin No Drip Sinus Pump Mist. These sprays are used to treat fever, cold and cough-related stuffy nose and nasal congestion, but it should not be used in children. Active ingredient in all Afrin nasal sprays is oxymetazoline. This substance is known to cause rebound congestion if you use it for some time, so the use of these nasal sprays must be closely watched by your doctor.

Nasacort AQ

This is prescription nasal spray, used for common cold symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, itching and runny nose. There is Nasacort AQ even for kids under 2 years of age. However, this nasal spray should not be used if you or the child is allergic to corticosteroids, since these are main active ingredients of Nasacort AQ. People who had tuberculosis, asthma, glaucoma or cataract should also avoid this product.

Sinus Buster

This product contains capsaicin and can help people dealing with sinusitis and sinus related headaches and pressure. Sinus buster won’t cause rebound congestion, since it doesn’t contain oxymetazoline or benzalkonium.


Tylenol simply soothing saline nasal spray contains purified water and small percent of sodium benzalkonium chloride solution and some sodium hydroxide. There is also a variation of this product for children, under the name Tylenol children’s simply soothing saline drops. Tylenol can moisten the mucus, eliminate it from the nose and also open clogged nasal passages.

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