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Chronic nasal congestion

Chronic nasal congestion is a condition marked bythe swelling of the little bony structures that are covered by mucousmembranes in nasal passages, and it should not be mistaken fora common cold or sinus infections. Chronic nasal congestion is a condition whenthe nose is constantly stuffed, which can be very annoying and cause manyproblems when eating, drinking and sleeping.

Causes of chronic nasal congestion

Hay fever, which is medically called allergicrhinitis, is one of the causes for the occurrence of chronic nasal congestion. Themucous membranes swell because they are sensitive to certain allergens andpollens. When this condition prolongs and lasts more than a year, then nasalcongestion becomes chronic. Irritative rhinitis is also a cause for the occurrenceof nasal congestion and this condition is caused by chemicals, strong smellsand cigarette smoke. Furthermore, chronic nasal congestion may be causedby a medical condition called chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which is a type ofcancer that affects the bone morrow and blood. The most common symptoms of thiscondition are enlarged lymph nodes, sinusitis and fatigue. Chronic lymphocyticleukemia typically affects elderly people. Human immunodeficiency virus – HIV is also a causefor the appearance of chronic nasal congestion. Frequently the symptoms of HIVare very similar to the symptoms of the common flu such as enlarged lymph nodes,fever and skin rash. However, the symptoms of the flu disappear after a shorttime, while the symptoms of HIV are persistent.

Frequent use of decongestant pills may not be goodfor the nasal chronic congestion and may cause rapid pulse rate, hypertensionand insomnia. It is also proven that regular use of nasal spraysleads to the addiction and may only aggravate nasal congestion. Nasal spraysusually provide temporary relief, but when they are used constantly, they may damagethe sensitive nasal passages which, thus, stay inflamed all the time.

Treatment of chronic nasal congestion

When the symptoms of chronic nasal congestion arenoticed, it is important to go and consult a doctor. To treat chronic nasalcongestion, the doctor must find out the cause for the occurrence of thiscondition. Medications that are usually used for the treatment of chronic nasal congestion include antihistamines, steroids and decongestants, but when the deviation of the septum is the maincause of chronic nasal congestion, the doctors usually recommend surgery. The person with nasal congestion should avoid everycontact with allergens that are main reasons for the occurrence of thiscondition.

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