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Depression and Antidepressants

Depression may becaused by many things, including the death of a loved one, sudden breakup andmany other problems. Trouble and negative feelings should only be short lived,so we could live our normal lives after resolving these issues.

If the problempersist for some time, there are high chances that depression will affect our well-being and cause other medical problems. These moments require medicalattention and you should always consult your doctor and ask for his adviceabout the problem. The perfect solution might be some of the antidepressantmedications and there is no need to suffer any more. Take care ofdepression when it becomes the problem and don’t waste your time doing nothingabout it. Simply, visit the doctor and if necessary he will prescribe some drugsto cure your problem. There are much better chances for recovery if you treatdepression on time. Also, the treatment will prevent worsening of yourcondition and problems with personal relationships that may happen.

What you need toknown about antidepressant drugs is that they need some time to show the fullefficacy. Ask your doctor when can you expect to see first results and don’tget discouraged if takes several weeks or more, since these medications canhelp you.


Monoamine oxidaseinhibitors or MAOIs are drugs prescribed for patients who worry all the time andcan't sleep because of these worries and nervousness. These drugs are also usedfor the treatment of phobias and panic attacks and all of the symptomsmentioned here belong to the group of “atypical” depression signs. These drugsare known to cause dizziness and people using them should not operate anydangerous machinery. There are also some food and drinks which may interfere with theeffects of MAOIs, so patients are advised not to use them because of the severehealth consequences. Because of that, is it extremely important to follow yourdoctor’s advices and recommendations.

Selectiveserotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are newer medications. From this group ofmedications, doctors may prescribe antidepressants such as Prozac, Paxil,Zoloft or Luvox.

Potential SideEffects

Adverse effectsmay be different for each patient treated for depression. Most of patients whohad some troubles complained about blurred vision and dizziness, which preventedthem to drive or operate some machinery they used to do. Dry mouth, weight gain, tiredness and generalweakness are also frequently reported side effects of antidepressantmedications.

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