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Although antidepressants were supposed to be a enormousbreakthrough, nowadays it is more and more clear that they are bad for us andthat combination of medication and depression can be a very bad combinationindeed.

The main reason for this attitude is the unknown sideeffects as well as the effects of these medications. Some users manage to fighttheir depression using them while some become even more depressed in theprocess. Additionally, some users of this drug react much less to side effectsof it than some other users of the same drug. In most cases it all comes downto choosing antidepressants based on the number of side effects they can cause,deciding to use those with least.

SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are one ofthe most popular drugs of this type mainly chosen since they are known to bethe safest in comparison to others like Dothiepin, Amitriptyline and Imiprimineknown to be seriously toxic in larger concentration. Nevertheless, SSRIs arealso known as causes of suicidal tendencies and violent behavior. What is more,all the actual effects cannot be separated from the side effect sinceantidepressants function on a principle of curing an entire area of the brain wherethe problem is and not just the problem itself often resulting in theseunwanted side effects.

Side effects, not specifically tied to a certain type ofdrug can be dry mouth, blurred vision, sleep disorders, headache followed bynausea, agitation and anxiety. There are also side effects related to thestomach and the lower tract such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, urinary retentionand even weight gain and constipation. Besides sedation which can interferewith everyday life of people taking antidepressants, there can also be sideeffects in sexual life of the users manifested through inability to achieve anerection or an orgasm and loss of libido.

SSRIs, regardless of being presented as the safest, in somecases carry a great risk for the user. When taken along with some otherpsychoactive substances they can be lethal. Additionally, some of the sideeffects listed above are connected with this antidepressant, mostly thoseconnected with sexual and head problems. Regardless, they are still the safestdrugs of this type.

TCAs (tricyclic antidepressants) are connected with sensory,sexual and skin side effects as well as weight problems. The mostdangerous of all may be the MAOIs (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) known forbeing fatal when taken with some types of food, as well as causing numeroushealth problems.

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