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Typically, obsessive compulsive disorder, or, abbreviated, OCD, is treated with specific medications called SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These are common antidepressants which affect our brain, stimulating it to raise the levels of our serotonine hormone, which, supposedly makes us feel happier and better. However, these medications have many unwanted side effects, being potentially dangerous for one to use them.

So, people suffering from OCD are forced to pay attention to alternative methods of treatment, trying these as well, hoping that these will be more efficient and safer. One such alternative cure is the St John's Wort herbal supplement.

St John's Wort vs OCD

This herb, and the herbal supplements made, are capable of treating people suffering from depression by having the same effect as some official medications and antidepressants such as fluoxetine or Prozac. Moreover, this herb's effect has been tested in clinical trials. Nevertheless, it has not yet been accepted by the “Food and Drugs Administration” to be adequate for treating OCD, depression or any other mental and behavioral disorders of this type.

Still, the effects of St John's Wort on certain patients have been very similar to those of SSRIs. Unfortunately, many people experienced serious side effects during the treatment. This means that the herb has potential which is yet to be modified and understood.

Other Alternatives

Yoga and meditation have proven to be excellent for treating OCD and other anxiety disorders. Namely, exercising regularly is great for boosting one's spirit and delivering a positive physical and mental effect. Thus, stretching and Flexing through yoga and relaxing through meditation can both be methods adequate for one to deal with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Massages are also known to be helpful for OCD patients since these people can commonly suffer from muscle rigidity and stiffness in certain parts of their body, due to anxiety and stress they are facing daily.

Finally, blood sugar control and proper nutrition can help one deal with OCD. People who suffer from this disorder should not consume stimulants of any kind, including refined sugars or caffeine, but have a steady, healthy diet rich in all the necessary nutrients.

All in all, there are numerous alternative treatments for this disorder and people should remain open to these. Remember that the official, traditional medicine has no effective medications to offer, unless you desire to exchange your OCD with numerous unpleasant side effects. Thus, until a real cure for this condition comes, keep an eye on new and effective alternative treatments.

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