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Antidepressants andthe main characteristics

As their name says it, antidepressants are medications thatare used for the treatment of depression, but for a number of other psychiatricconditions and mood and anxiety disorders, too. This group of medicationsconsists of numerous kinds, and none of them should be used without a doctor’sprescription. Also, once a person begins to use them, it is very important tocarefully follow the instructions and to take them exactly as prescribed because otherwise, serious problems and side effects may be caused. They workby affecting particular neurotransmitters.

Side effects ofantidepressants

Having in mind the number of antidepressants that areavailable, the number of possible side effects of all of them together is alsogreat. Still, the majority of them is only temporary, and they tend todisappear on their own after a while, because sometimes the body simply needs time to get used to their presence. On the other side, in case any of the newlyexperienced symptoms affects normal functioning, it is necessary to report itto the doctor who prescribed the medication. Each group of antidepressants hascharacteristic side effects, but here we will mention those that are related togroups most frequently prescribed.

Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors may provokeheadaches, nausea, diarrhea, changes in the sex drive and impotence, but one ofthe most worrying side effects of this group is serotonin syndrome. Also, whentalking about this group of medications, the symptoms of withdrawal willinevitably be experienced if the patient quits taking the medication all of asudden. Instead, the dosage should be decreased slowly over a certain period oftime, in order to avoid problems of this kind.Tricyclic antidepressants usually provoke blurred vision,sleepiness, dizziness, tremors constipation and changes in the weight, but ifany sexual problems are experienced while using this medication, they can alsobe attributed to it.Monoamine oxidase inhibitors are used a lot less thanearlier, but among adverse effects that have been reported with them arehepatitis, serious changes in the blood pressure and other heart-relatedproblems such as stroke and heart attack. Also, headache may also beexperienced, as well as insomnia.

Side effects of all the antidepressants together that dorequire medical attention refer to suicidal thoughts and hallucinations, aggressiveness,unusual changes in the behavior, pain in the chest, bleeding and bruisingwithout any logical reason, and signs of allergic reaction.

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