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A Mysterious Disorder

Even in this modern times, we areunable to pinpoint the exact causes of certain illnesses or healthproblems. The same is with depression. What is more, people have onlyrecently started accepting depression as a disorder rather than asimple fit or mood issue.

Being related to health, we still arenot able to pinpoint the exact cause of depression. Thus, we haveseveral different ways of treating it, since depression itselfaffects every individual differently, having certain ways of conductwhich help us diagnose it.

Usually, as with every other illness orhealth issue, we use medication for treating depression. However,antidepressants are known to do more harm than good due to the factthat they have many side-effects and can be potentially dangerous.Thus, you need to take this fact into consideration and pay attentionto several alternatives available.

Ways of Treating Depression

First of all, we have medications andhealth products which can be purchased without a prescription fromthe doctor. Nevertheless, you are best to seek medical advice beforeusing these products, since you never know about their side-effectsand the potential life-threatening impact these may have on you.

The over-the-counter antidepressantsare usually based on herbs and other elements from nature. Mostcommonly, you can purchase products from St. John's Wort, or somepills rich in omega3 fatty acids. Homeopathic medications alsopresent a healthy alternative. Finally, you have certain syntheticdrugs which can act as painkillers or sedatives, making you more calmand stopping your depression. However, these are not recommendedwithout the consent of your doctor.

Next are medications you needprescription for. The prescription is usually given by your doctor orpsychiatrist, after examinations and proper diagnosis. These areTricyclics, Serotonin and Noradrenaline Reuptake inhibitors,Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Monoamine OxidaseInhibitors.

Still, be extremely careful regardingthe dosage and follow the instructions given by your doctorreligiously. When taken with a lack of care, these medications cancause more harm than good and can make you feel worse or force youinto actions like suicide, aggression or psychotic behavior.

The best way of using these medicationsis while combined with the psychotherapy. Then, your doctor can keeptrack of your progress and modify your medications according to yourstate of body and mind.

Depression can be overcome, you onlyneed the right cures. Thus, make sure you choose what is right foryou.

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