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A lot of women experience sharp pain in breast. This particular pain is not a disease but it is a symptom. Sharp pain in breasts usually occurs as a symptom of some underlying cause. In some cases, the cause may be a certain disease or a disorder but in other cases a simple ill-fitting inner wear may cause this sharp pain. In some cases, the pain is transient. In other cases the pain may last for a very long time. Apart from the pain, a woman will usually experience swelling, redness, tenderness and tingling sensation. However, women need not worry much because there are various ways to prevent this. There are also various causes of this symptom.

Sharp pain in breast: causes and treatment

Hormonal changes

Some women experience sharp pain in breast during certain times of the month when the hormonal changes occur. This inconvenience is known as premenstrual breast discomfort. These symptoms usually occur right before the menstruation. A lot of pregnant women experience sharp breast pain during pregnancy also because of the hormonal changes. During that time the breast will feel tender. However, if a woman experiences sharp pain in breast after breastfeeding, that is not due to hormonal changes. The main reasons are probably weakness and baby’s teeth.

Calcium deficiency

Most adolescent women experience sharp breast pain because they do not have enough calcium in their body. This happens because of the unhealthy diets that most teenagers follow. If there is not enough calcium, the muscles will not function properly which may lead to muscle pain. In order to avoid sharp breast pain, women need to intake the right amount of calcium.

Other causes

Infections of the mammary gland may cause sharp pain in breast and even inflammation. Apart from these medical causes, a woman may experience sharp breast pain because of something as simple as inappropriately fitting inner wear. Tight bras may also cause this symptom. In most cases, breast cancer does not cause sharp breast pain.

Ways to prevent sharp breast pain

First of all, women should wear bras that are their size and will support their breasts. The bra must not be too tight. A warm compress will bring instant relief if a woman experiences sharp breast pain. In case of swelling or redness, a woman may even apply ice packs. Drinking plenty of water helps as well. Maintaining proper weight is also important. Eating enough fruits and vegetables is important because of all the healthy nutrients. Women should exclude as much stress and salt and caffeine intake as possible.

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