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There really aren’t that many things that women are more afraid of than experiencing breast pain, particularly when the pain is intense and sharp. Sharp breast pain is also called mastalgia and the reason for its presence and how dangerous it actually is, really depend on its underlying cause.

What can cause sharp breast pain?

Breast pain causes are usually regarded as those which are of hormonal nature and those which are not. Those kinds of breast pain that are not of hormonal nature are likely to be in relation with the formation of some sort of a cyst. However, this does not necessarily mean that the tissue is cancerous, as conditions like an ulcer can also be the case.

When breast pain is of hormonal nature it means that it’s associated to the menstrual cycle, menopause or pregnancy as these are the inner body experiences that lead to hormonal imbalances.

Another kind of imbalance can also result in intense breast pain. This is the imbalance in the fatty tissues, the tissues that store fat and work as energy sources.

One other possible cause of piercing breast pain can be breast trauma. Obviously, this means that the pain originates from an injury. However, this is not the only thing that counts as breast trauma. The appearance of a cyst which is likely to harm the surrounding tissues and muscles falls under the category of breast trauma as well.

Furthermore, any kind of medication in relation with hormones and some antidepressants can, in fact, be the cause of the pain. The side effects of the mentioned medications can actually be pretty unpleasant, as they can even provoke inflammation and bring a lot of discomfort.

Finally, one may keep in mind that in some cases breast pain does not even have to be associated to any issues in the breast itself. Sometimes, problems in other body parts, like neck or back pain, or an infection, can all lead to the pain in the breasts as well.

What is the course of treatment for sharp breast pain?

First of all, one should know that there really isn’t any need to visit a doctor regarding breast pain, unless it seems to linger for an unusually long time. Also, breast pain will extremely seldom result in breast cancer.

That being said, all one has to do in order to relieve the pain is have a couple of simple rules. And, what they should include is making sure to be wearing a comfortable bra and eating healthy nutritious food. It’s also a good idea to pay attention that the intake of calcium and vitamin E is sufficient. It might be a good idea to reduce the intake of salt and caffeine.

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