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Every woman enjoys in her pregnancy. However, there are the several discomforts that she must cope with, such as swollen ankles, headaches, nausea and several others. Gallbladder may also cause uneasiness in pregnant women.

Gallbladder stones

One of the most common problems in women during pregnancy is the forming of the gallbladder stones, which are also called gallstones. When a pregnant woman eats lots of foods rich in fat, the gallbladder has the role to digest fat by releasing bile. Gallstones form themselves of calcium and cholesterol that stay after the digestion in the gallbladder. Because of these gallstones, the bile cannot flow easily and it causes strong pain. This pain can be felt in the abdomen.

Symptoms of gallbladder problems in pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, there are several hormonal changes in her body. Certain hormones become high in amount, thus causing many changes in her organism. These hormones have a great impact on many systems and on digestive system as well. In pregnancy, the digestive system of the woman is slower and due to that, the gallbladder is unable to completely empty itself. The bile stays in the gallbladder and after some time, the gallstones form. Even when there is no bile in the gallbladder, it contracts and at that moment gallstones cause pain by making a pressure on the gallbladder surface. Furthermore, when the gallstones make obstacles to bile to flow easily, it also causes pain in pregnant women.

In the majority of cases, the symptoms of gallbladder problems in pregnancy occur when a pregnant woman consumes foods rich in fat. Usually the first symptom is a strong pain in the upper abdomen on the right side. If this pain lasts about half an hour to several hours, it is called gallbladder attack. Many pregnant women with gallbladder problems may experience a steady pain that can become more severe and intense after a period of time. Moreover, other warning signs of this disorder in pregnant women are sharp pain in the back between shoulder blades that tends to spread to the right side, nausea and vomiting, as well as indigestion and gas. Bloating of the abdomen and belching are also some of the signs that may occur in pregnant women. There are also cases when pregnant women who suffer from gallbladder have chills, fever, and sweating as the symptoms of this condition. Yellow skin and occurrence of stools in clay color may also appear.

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