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Information on Mullein Plant

Mullein plant is actually a weed which is commonly used for various different types of medicinal purposes. There are more than 250 species of mullein plant which all come from the family scrophulariaceae and the genus of verbascum. Mullein plant originates from Europe and certain regions of Asia and they grow as weeds along the roads and in the barren lands. The common mullein plant is the most popular species and it is also sometimes referred to by its botanical name of verbascum thapsus.

It has been used for numerous centuries for the prevention and treatment of numerous medical conditions and problems. The flowers and the leaves of the plant are commonly the only parts which can be used for therapeutic purposes. A common mullein plant is a pioneer plant. This means that it is commonly the first plant to grow in burned places, disturbed places, barren fields, roadsides and similar locations. It is biennial which means that it lives for two years and dies once its flowering season is over.

It can be characterized by large, hairy soft leaves which can grow up to 12 inches in length. The second year involves the development of yellow flowers which always have five petals. The flowering season lasts from June to September. Each mullein plant can produce more than 100 thousand seeds in a single year and they can survive all harsh conditions before the germination takes place. The germination will not take place in any shady area so the seeds usually wait until all the other plants get removed or die on their own.

Mullein Plant Medicinal Uses

Mullein plant was used for numerous different types of medicinal purposes ever since the times of ancient Greece. Mullein plant is very efficient in the prevention and treatment of numerous different types of lung disorders. Mullein plant can be used for the preparation of an herbal tea which is very beneficial in relieving bronchitis, sore throat, dry cough and all the other problems which commonly affect the upper and lower respiratory tract. Mullein plant can also be used for the preparation of infusions which can be of great help for all those who suffer from hemorrhoids and diarrhea.

Mullein plant can also come in very handy when it comes to prevention and treatment of skin rash, asthma, irritable bladder, burns, cystitis, swelling, fluid retention and earache. It is also very efficient in boosting the immune system. Mullein plant can also sometimes be affiliated with certain side effects such as inflammatory conditions, tiredness, hives and tightness in the chest, skin rash, chest pain and breathing problems.

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