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Information on Fennel Tea

Fennel tea provides the human body with numerous healthbenefits because it has very potent antispasmodic, antimicrobial, diuretic andanti inflammatory qualities. It can be prepared rather easily by utilizingground seeds of the fennel plant. Fennelis an herb which comes from the family of the apiaceae and it is a perennialherb which is nowadays commonly grown everywhere around the world. In someregions of the world it is considered as a weed because it has a rather hardynature.

The fennel plant has small elongated seeds, feathery leaves and brightyellow flowers. The seeds are extremely aromatic while fennel leaves can beused for numerous different types of medicinal and culinary purposes. Fennel iscommonly used in the Indian Ayurveda and the traditional Chinese medicine forthe treatment of numerous different types of medical conditions. Fennel is agreat source of anethole, vitamin C, vitamins from the B complex and a largenumber of essential minerals. Fennel fruits are used in various different foodrecipes, but fennel can also be used to make herbal tea. Fennel herbal tea hasbeen used for many centuries.

Fennel Tea Benefits

Fennel seed tea can be used for the treatment of numerousproblems that may affect the digestive tract. It may sometimes be associatedwith certain side effects but they usually do not occur if a person follows thecorrect guidelines for the usage of the product. Those who are allergic tofennel should avoid it. The same can be said for pregnant and breastfeedingwomen.

Fennel tea has a mild intensity which makes it perfect for infants aswell. It can be used for the treatment of colic symptoms in babies. Fennel teais also very efficient in the reduction the soreness of the eyes and themedical condition known as conjunctivitis. Wet fennel tea bags or cotton ballsdipped in cooled fennel tea can be applied topically over closed eyes for acouple of minutes.

Such treatment usually provides great results. Fennel teacan also be of great help for all those who suffer from excessive formation ofgas, constipation and abdominal bloating. Fennel tea is very efficient inreducing spasms and signs of discomfort which are usually affiliated with theirritable bowel syndrome. Fennel tea can be used for most indigestion problems,as well. It can also come in very handy in relieving menopausal symptoms, menstrualcramps and premenstrual syndrome. Fennel tea enhances the metabolic processesinside the human body and aids the process of losing weight.

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