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Jujube tea is a certain type of beverage which is made from sweet shaped fruits of jujube tree which look a little like olives. Jujube tree is botanically referred to as ziziphus zizyphus. Jujube is a deciduous type of tree which comes from the family of rhamnaceae and belongs to the species called ziziphus.

Jujube tree origin

Jujube tree originates from the southern regions of Asia and it is characterized by sweet tasting, green fruits. The taste and the consistency are often compared to apples. As the fruits gradually mature they become purplish red and look a bit more like dates. The jujube tree itself can grow up to 10 meters in height, and it has rather thorny branches. The tree also has flowers which can be characterized by yellow green petals and a very sweet smell. People often keep jujube leaves and flowers in their houses because their smell is very efficient in keeping various insects away. The traditional Chinese and Korean medicine has always used jujube to relieve stress. Fruits can be freshly picked and consumed right away or they can be consumed in their dried form. Since these fruits are characterized by very potent mucilaginous properties, they are often used for the treatment of sore throats.

Jujube Tea

One needs to get hold of fresh, highest quality jujube fruits and boil them in water for a couple of hours. The process of boiling provides the extract which is later used for the preparation of the tea. The tea is characterized by a very rich and sweet flavor and it is jam packed with vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B1 and sugar. It is highly beneficial and it can be used for the prevention and treatment of numerous different types of medical conditions.

Jujube Tea Benefits

Jujube tea is very helpful when it comes to restoration of all damaged tissues and cells inside the human body. It is also very efficient in boosting the stamina and providing additional amounts of energy. It is an excellent source of saponins which are known for their very potent anticarcinogenic properties. The saponins from the jujube tea are also very efficient in providing a very soothing effect on the central nervous system. Jujube tea is a natural sedative and comes in very handy for all those who suffer from restlessness, emotional imbalance, anxiety and stress. Jujube tea is known for its strong detoxifying and laxative properties and it is an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A. It can be used for the treatment of the flu and common cold.

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