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Information on Dill Weed

Dill weed is commonly affiliated with certain culinary uses,especially numerous different recipes for pickles, but it may also servecertain medicinal purposes. Dill weed is one of the aromatic herbs which comefrom the family known as Apiaceae. It also belongs to the genus of Anethum andit is the only species of that genus.

Dill seeds can be used as spices. Dillweed is actually the term for the leaves and the tender stems of the plant. The plant can easily be recognized by itsridged seeds and yellow or white flowers. The plant has been used for numerouscenturies all the way back to the times of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. Theancient times saw the use of dill weed as herbal tea and as a very efficientmouthwash.

It was also used in India for numerous centuries now. Dill weed is aremarkable source of certain types of chemical compounds which are known fortheir potent antifungal and antibacterial purposes. Dill weed can also be ofgreat help in the prevention of numerous different types of cancer.

Dill Weed Uses

Dill seeds and dill weed can be used for numerous differenttypes of medicinal and culinary purposes. Dill weed is commonly used as aflavor enhancer in various different seafood, pickle and soup recipes. It canbe recognized by a very potent camphorous, grassy and tangy flavor which comesacross as some sort of a mixture of fine, fennel and lemon. Dill seeds and dillweed do not have similar flavors and they cannot be used as substitutes foreach other.

The most common substitutes for dill weed are fennel leaves orperhaps tarragon leaves. Dill weed is very popular in Russian, Scandinavian,Indian and German cuisines. Dill weed is also used in the United States as aflavor enhancer for different types of salads, soups and pickled vegetables.The Middle-East countries use dill weed in numerous different types of meat andrice recipes.

Dill weed can be used in its raw form or it can be dried for theenhancement of different types of meats, stews, breads, sauces, roasts, vinegars,salads, vegetables and so on. Dill weed can also be used in certain fresh fishrecipes.

Dill Weed Health Benefits

Dill weed can be of great help for all those who suffer fromcertain types of digestive problems such as stomach pain, gas, abdominalcramping and bloating. It promotes good sleep and relieves menstrual pains, andhelps in getting rid of flu and common cold.

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