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Because Europe is turning into the land of the elderly at an increased rate, senior bathroom safety is no small matter. There are many helpful tips that deal with this matter and they are normally less expensive than it would seem. These tips offer effective ways of drastically increasing an elder citizen's safety while using the bathroom.

Because the bathroom is also the second most dangerous room in the house, it is even more so for a senior. An accident in the bathroom may bring about serious injuries, but for a senior they can even bring life-changing consequential – in some cases, they may even be fatal.

There's no real way of eliminating the dangers completely, but the fact is their chances can be reduced to their minimum and the prices involved are sometimes as low as $10 – or in some cases they come with no cost at all.

To follow, is a list of ten of those.

Removing clutter is the first on the list, because stuff lying around on the floor (such as clothes and towels) are begging to be tripped over. And even if the elder sees the piece before he or she trips over it, a movement of bending over in order to pick it up is another invitation to fall down and possibly break a bone while hitting the hard and slippery bathroom tiles.

When people get old they become shorter, and, furthermore, less flexible. This means that the senior in the house ought to get the middle shelf of a cabinet – instead of the top or bottom one.

Using the strongest possible light bulbs that the bathroom's fixtures can support is another strong point because the eyes of the elders can use as much light as there could be to offer.

Removing everything OFF the bathroom floor is another great idea. As with the laundry lying around the floor, these, too, are trip invitations. Every necessary surface shift ought to be emphasized in a different color, preferably one drastically different from the one next to it. Using slippers while in the bathroom is an absolute necessity, because the floor is very cold.

The shower or tub is white, that may prove a difficulty for the senior to judge distance. That's why adding a colorful non-slip rubber mat to it is a great tip.

No glass allowed. Perfume bottles, drinking glasses, decorative items such as candle holders, etc. need to go for obvious reasons.

Installing a nightlight with a battery backup – also for obvious reasons. Keeping a flashlight with a few strips of luminescent tape (so it could be found in the dark) in the bathroom is also a good idea.

The hot water temperature oughtn't be set to a figure higher than 120 degrees.

Any door lock that can't be easily opened from the outside should also be removed, so that a senior cannot ever be in a situation when he is trapped inside while in need of help.

Keeping extra rolls of papers in the bathroom.

… and hopefully these tips will provide for the extra security any senior needs while taking care of business in the second most dangerous room in the house.

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