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More Years – Less Mobility

We grow old and that is a fact. Whilebecoming older and older, our physical capabilities tend to decreasegradually. Thereby, before we even notice it, traveling may be aproblem, walking longer distances can be impossible and numerousother difficulties become a part of our everyday existence. Moreover,many people cease to be able to move at all, and are forced to bebound to their beds, walking only short distances or hardly walkingat all. All this can be quite depressing as well as painful anddiscouraging. However, you might help an elder person you know orcare about but suggesting several minimal lifestyle changes alongwith some useful tips and tricks for increasing their mobility.

How To Be More Mobile?

You need to be aware that elderlypeople with walking difficulties can fall easily. What is more,taking into concern the frailty of their bones, they might getseriously injured if that happens. Thus, you need to help them bemore secure, since their two legs do not provide that securityanymore. A simple cane or a walking frame may suffice in thesesituations, providing support for the people needing it. There arewalkers with small wheels attached to their bottoms, providing betterbalance and increased mobility to those who cannot function withoutit.

Alternatively, you might considerpurchasing a wheelchair for people with decreased mobility. Eventhough this device, whether electric or not, denies one's walkingentirely, it can still be very helpful regarding safety and longdistance mobility. For these reasons, many people who are able towalk, but find the process exhausting, use wheelchairs for longdistance traveling.

Furthermore, people with walkingdisabilities need to have their houses modified so that they suittheir needs. Namely, there are numerous helpful devices like fixedgrab rails which can help the elderly get out of beds, climb thestairs or lean somewhere. Moreover, one needs to make sure,especially if the elderly person is in a wheelchair, that all thedoorways are wide enough, that there is enough place for them in therooms and bathrooms etc. Elder people already have the publictransportation and many street and traffic properties modified,enabling them to get involved in these with minimal efforts. We allhave to accept that each human reaching old age will experiencemobility issues, and need to make our world easier and safer forpeople with these difficulties.

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