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A Brief Introduction

Nearlyevery gym goer has, at least once during his or her training years,had the pleasure to wait for fifteen minutes, for a bunch of twiggyteenagers sitting on the bench chatting away at their mostuninteresting experiences of the day, to move way from the machinehe'd actually like to work.

Thistype of tension occurs mostly in-between January and February eachyear, when the lot of recently fattened Christmas-goers head out eachto his own local gym, to achieve a bit of new-years-resolution's, andthen instead regards the equipment as personal pieces of furnitureaway from home.

Inpop culture, this particular phenomenon is better known as gym rage.

Thisarticle takes a closer look a the type of frustration, and aims toinform on the ways dealing with such inconveniences, preferably thepolite way.

So how does it work?

Becausethere are no specific rules on how many people may be recorded at aparticular gym, this very factor may provide the average gym goerwith a constantly full gym – unless he or she picks the time to gothere wisely. Namely, it appears as though most people would like touse the gym in the morning or in the afternoon and the evening. Thisis why it would be wise to plan the gym time into the schedule a weebit earlier in the morning or somewhat later at night. This is to saythat sometime after 07:00 PM would be a far better idea than directlyafter work.

Secondly,every gym goer should make it a habit to clean the machine after use.This should be done by use of a towel. Also, a good idea would be totake note of the limits that are specified in the use of each andevery machine. This means sticking to time limits. Another good ideawould be turning off the cell phone while working out, that a personmay not be caught sitting on a machine and idlely chatting away whileothers are waiting to work it.

Andwhile this may be a slimy tip, asking a gym goer whether he or she isfinished with a machine while it still appears to be in use shouldalso provide the slightest of reminders that there are other peoplewaiting to use it. In the case of the annoying twiggy teenager, thismay prove counter-productive, though, as he may aim to annoy evenmore by merely sitting on it extra long. It is important to rememberthat no weight lifter ought be interrupted while working the machine,but should rather be asked about it in-between series.

Puttingthe weights back in their places is another must-develop-habit foreevery gym goer – even if he had found them idly lying about on thefloor.

Towelsand other personal belonging shouldn't be left lying around the gym.All training areas are to be left as clear as they were found.

Lastly,it is important to remember that a gym is not a social club wherepeople come to chat and make friends, but is rather a place wherepeople come to get their fitness training and build muscle. Thisshould be respected at all times.

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