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Elderly people are the part of population that has moremedical problems than any other group of people. Many of those health issuesare related to aging and seniors must be educated about them in order to lookfor medical assistance when needed. Lossof vision related to aging can be treated in most cases, if the disease indiagnosed early enough. Because of that, it is necessary to regularly checkyour eyes. Specialists recommend having an eye exam every 2 years after the ageof 60. These regular check-ups will ensure that every eye problems that arisesis diagnosed and treated accordingly. Older patients are people who really needhelp with their eyes, but many of them don’t have proper insurance of enoughmoney to pay for eye treatments. Still, there are other options available forthese patients and they should ask their doctor about possible treatments.

Eye problems are very common among older patients, andsome estimation even claim that every third American will have some form of eyedisease at the age of 65. Most common eye problems in senior patients are glaucoma,cataract, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or problems caused bydiabetes.


Clouding of the eye lens may be responsible for the loss ofvision in senior patients. Regular eye exams are the best way to catch thisproblem in early stages, so that it can be treated. Doctor will use some eyedrops to enlarge your pupils and then check your eye for any problems. Once youare diagnosed with cataract, your doctor might suggest surgical procedure toremove it and recover your sight.


Another problem that is quite common among elderly isglaucoma, or the rise of intraocular (in the eye) pressure. Glaucoma is aslowly progressing, but dangerous problem, because it can lead to loss ofvision and even blindness. Doctors can prescribe certain eye drops or medications,which can decrease blood pressure in your eye. In some cases, used drugs canshow some unwanted side effects or simply stop working, and your doctormay recommend surgery to resolve your eye problem.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration related to aging is also very slowly progressingeye problem, but the one that can destroy your central vision over time. However,there are patients that experience much faster loss of vision on one or botheyes because of this disease. AMD can’t be treated, but doctors are able tocontrol or slow its progression.

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