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Homosexuality has always been a subject of controversy. Whether it is the origin of it or the nature of it, people do not seem to understand how come one becomes a homosexual. Scientific researches have given theories of possible genetic inheritance, or psychological issues behind homosexuality but most of these have not been proven yet. To make things worse, many religious communities condemn people who are sexually attracted to the same sex, claiming it to be a sin and an unnatural conduct punishable by religious laws. All in all, even though the attitudes are various, the truth behind homosexuality still remains a present mystery.

The Mystery of Sexual Preferences

As mentioned above, people do not seem to perceive the cause behind male homosexuality, lesbianism, and bisexuality. In fact, people do not know how sexual attraction works at all. All we know is that it manifests through feeling of attraction in terms of aesthetics, sexuality, romance and affection. The reasons are the same for both heterosexuals and homosexual people, only making the puzzle harder to solve. Additionally, most of the homosexual people have indulged into heterosexual relationships before they changed their orientation. Furthermore, many of them have not yet chosen a side and rather linger in the bisexual sphere. All this makes it hard to label and pinpoint a person's sexual orientation, also making it foolish for one to judge or point the finger.

Do People Actually Choose?

This again is a never-ending debate. Some homosexual people claim that they chose it by themselves while many still claim that this path of life came without their influence. Regardless, there are cases of both. Some people are known to lack interest in the opposite sex from the very beginning of their sexual development. Additionally, there are those who suffered greatly in marriages or other heterosexual bonds and experiences, and the hardships made them loose their interests in the opposite sex. Nevertheless, our common sense would never suggest a path scorned by many, judged by the people and many organizations like politics and religion. Having said that, many have, perhaps disappointed by the status quo, lost their hope and interest when it comes to a happy heterosexual relationship, and chose the only thing left. If they have truly found what they sought there, who are the rest to interfere and judge them? Finally, most of the homosexual people hide their orientation wanting to fit in. This serves as a reason enough to see that the choice they made is not their own doubt but rather a more serious and permanent state of body and mind as well as the heart.

Researches have shown that in cases of one identical twin being gay, the other is high likely to be the same. This opened the door to new genetic-based theories still struggling to be proven. Regardless, homosexuality remains present and not completely accepted mainly because of the heterosexuals.

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