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An aphrodisiac is a substance, or a food, that increases sexual desire. The name “aphrodisiac” is derived from the name of Greek goddess of sexuality and love – Aphrodite. Since the ancient times, people have used certain foods to increase their libido. For those foods, called aphrodisiacs, people believed to have sexually stimulating effects. Most of the claims about aphrodisiacs are not based on facts, but some foods are considered aphrodisiacs not only because of their chemical properties but also based on their shape, color and the way we consume them. Typically, claims about aphrodisiacs are a matter of folklore rather than proven facts.

How aphrodisiacs work?

When people are sexually excited their brain and the body becomes flooded with hormones. The hormone called testosterone is especially dominant at this point. Human sex drive is completely dependent on hormones, and various factors such as stress, fatigue and depression, can affect the hormonal levels and alleviate ones interest in sex.

Aphrodisiacs work in two directions. First of all, there are some aphrodisiacs able to stimulate production of brain chemicals associated with sexual desire. These aphrodisiacs stimulate human libido by setting the hormones in motion. The other kinds of aphrodisiacs are those that affect certain parts of the body. For example, certain foods stimulate the blood flow in sex organs and may promote sexual desire and make the sensations during the sexual intercourse more intense.

There are also sexually suggestive foods such as asparagus, bananas, onions, carrots and oysters. Their shape reminds of sex organs and they have been categorized in many cultures as aphrodisiac foods. Foods such as eggs and caviar also remind of the reproductive system, and they are often served to promote sexual desire.

Ideas for aphrodisiac recipes

To enhance and inspire sexuality and intimacy one can prepare anything from the various selection of aphrodisiac appetizers, dips, spreads, drinks, coffees and teas, breads, soups, salads, complete entrees, or desserts. The simple way one consumes the food can be sexually intense.

Perhaps the most erotic is the finger food, eaten directly using the hands. Foods such as olives, vegetables, hot peppers and smoked oysters are perfect aphrodisiac combination.

The table should be decadently colorful with a huge selection of fresh fruits especially strawberries, blueberries, grapes, figs, sliced mangos and papaya, watermelon pieces, and sliced cantaloupe or honeydew. The center of the table is reserved for a bowl with melted chocolate.

As a main aphrodisiac course, one can serve sliced honey ham sprinkled with pepper jelly. Another great food is cooked asparagus and placed atop the jellied topped ham. This should be rolled up with a jellyroll, so that the asparagus tips extend from either edge of the rollup.

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