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The second trimester is, for many women, the period of their pregnancy during which they feel at their best. Your growing baby bump enables you to show off your pregnancy (and people are no longer wondering if you just put on some weight!), the nasty pregnancy signs of the first trimester are largely in the past, and you might have tons of energy. What other things are you likely to encounter during the second trimester of your pregnancy?

A growing uterus

When your first trimester is over, and your fatigue and pregnancy nausea is a thing of the past, nicer symptoms of pregnancy will become obvious. By the 20th week, your uterus has ascended to the level of your belly button and your pregnancy will probably be visible to everyone. Whether your baby bump is big or small, your baby is changing rapidly in the second trimester.

Feeling fetal movement

You have probably been waiting to feel your baby move ever since you first found out that you were pregnant. The majority of women first notices this sensation in their second trimester of pregnancy, though a fetus actually starts moving in utero at six or seven weeks gestation.

Pregnancy weight gain

Are you worried whether you are gaining enough weight, or think you might be putting it on too quickly? Pregnancy weight gain is an individual process, and your ideal weight depends on a few circumstances. Paying attention to healthy eating should be the priority of every pregnant woman.

An increase in appetite eating for two

Are you constantly hungry, and do you feel like there is some truth in that expression "eating for two" when you are pregnant after all? Should you go with the flow and eat as much as you like, or is there any reason to restrict your calorie intake? The answers depend on your health and what you are eating. Lots of veggies will be fine; milk shakes... not so much. If in doubt, talk to your doctor or midwife. These are, of course, not the only second-trimester symptoms! If you happen to be looking for something else, you will probably find it at Second trimester pregnancy signs part 2.

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