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Pregnancy is a time during which you should focus on eating healthily, without worrying about how many calories you are consuming. Everyone knows that pregnant women gain weight, don't they? But what if you are in your first trimester of pregnancy and instead of gaining weight as you expected to, you are losing it? Don't panic just yet, as first trimester weight loss is not unusual. Let's take a look at why some pregnant women lose weight during their first three months of pregnancy.

The female body is hard at work in those early weeks of pregnancy. When you are growing a whole new person from scratch, it is no wonder that you are burning more calories than usual. Couple this with the fact that the majority of pregnant women experience some morning sickness and vomiting during the first trimester, and find it hard to keep their food down, and it is easy to understand why weight loss is not unusual and nothing to worry about during the first trimester. Instead of watching the scales, watch your plate and make sure that you are getting plenty of foods from every major food group. Especially fruit and vegetables are important during this time.

If you are vomiting a lot, or have low appetite, trying to eat small meals but more often. Drinking plenty of water and sleeping when you experience pregnancy fatigue can actually help your overall health, and reduce your nausea. In turn, this approach can also put a stop to your weight loss. By the time your second trimester starts, you should be gaining some weight, and noticing the beginning of a baby bump. Some women "show" their pregnancies much earlier than others, and some women obviously gain more weight than others over the course of their pregnancies. But while it is not essential to a certain specific amount of weight, your uterus should visibly increase in size over nine months. Would you like to know about other pregnancy symptoms? Look at our full list of pregnancy signs!

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