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Heartburn is one of those conditions that are annoying and unpleasant, and that happen to everybody. It is characterized by a burning, acid-like reaction in the throat and chest. Many pregnant women get heartburn very often along with morning sickness and cravings, it is one of the notorious pregnancy ailments. When can you expect frequent bouts of heartburn to make their entrance? In what trimester of pregnancy? And perhaps more importantly, what can you do about it?

Pregnancy heartburn is not a random event. It is caused by the pregnancy hormone progesterone, which relaxes your uterus and the surrounding organs to accommodate your growing baby. One of the less pleasant side effects of this process is gastric acids returning to move upwards. This causes heartburn. Heartburn can strike as early as the first trimester, but pregnant women are much more likely to suffer from this condition in the second and third trimesters, as their pregnancies progress.

Sadly, these bouts of heartburn have a way of coming to you in the middle of the night as you are trying to catch some sleep, and they will probably stay with you until your baby is born. Hey, at least you will get some practice in sleepless nights! That will come in handy once you have a newborn! What can you do about heartburn in pregnancy? Natural cures like papaya enzymes or baking soda are best. Over the counter heartburn tablets often contain aluminum, which can be harmful for an unborn baby if taken in high doses. If your heartburn is taking over your life, consulting your doctor about the best remedies is a great idea. But to some extent, you will just have to accept it. Not eating foods that can cause heartburn, especially lots of dairy products, might offer some relief from the burning.

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