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Pregnancy is not quite as exciting an adventure the second time around. When you are already an experienced mother, you might think you know it all already, and are a card-carrying member of the morning sickness club. But of course, when you are expecting your second child, there will still be some surprises. What can you expect from pregnancy the second time round?

To start with, no two pregnancies are the same. Perhaps you suffered from severe morning sickness with your first child, but are feeling fine and dandy and without a hint of nausea this time. Or maybe, it is the other way round for you. One thing you should be prepared for is that many pregnancy symptoms show up earlier for second time moms.

You might start showing earlier, notice fetal movement earlier, and feel Braxton Hicks contractions earlier on. This is because your uterus has already been stretched before, and also because you know how to recognize things earlier. Pregnancy symptoms like fatigue or back pain might be more of a struggle to you than it was when you were pregnant with your first, because you already have an older child to care for this time round.

Many pregnant mothers of toddlers wonder if they can still carry and lift their older kids later on during pregnancy. If you are feeling fine, there should not be any issue with lifting your child. Apart from that, it is probably best to go with the flow and enjoy this pregnancy, just like with your first. Babies have unique personalities, and you might well find that your new sprout's in utero behavior is totally different from that of your first born. Have fun and get to know your new baby there is just as much to discover as when you were pregnant the first time!

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