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Stages of pregnancy continued....

Week 13

The baby is 2 to 3 inches long and nearly an ounce. Up until this point, the baby\'s head was as large as its baby, but the head will now slow down in growth. Morning sickness may be on its way out for the mother, but heartburn and back pain may take its place. The highest risk of miscarriage has now passed.

Week 14

Some mothers start feeling fetal movement, and the sex may can be determined through ultrasound from now. The mom\'s pregnancy belly is more and more apparent.

Week 15

The baby is undergoing a growth-spurt. Downy hairs cover its body, and its blood vessels can be seen through the skin. The uterus is expanding, which may cause some discomfort on the mother\'s part.

Week 16

The baby is over 4 inches long now. Mom has probably gained 5 to 10 pounds.

Week 17

The baby has developed its own circulation, and is receiving nutrients through the placenta. Fetal movement is becoming more obvious.

Week 18

Meconium is starting to form in the baby\'s bowel, and its bones are becoming more dense.

Week 19

Vernix, a creamy fat that protects the baby\'s skin, is forming, and the baby is ingesting amniotic fluid as well as producing urine. The mother\'s breasts are getting ready to start nursing.

Week 20

The baby is approximately 6 inches tall now, and has similar waking and sleeping patterns as a newborn. This week is symbolic, as there is only halfway to go now.

Week 21

The baby is very active, and has plenty of space to move around. It can hear and reacts to sounds. Mom is starting to feel much better around now, but may have bleeding gums.

Week 22

The eyelids and eyebrows are developing, and the baby can blink. Teeth are starting to form as buds under the gums. Mom\'s heart rate can increase at this point, because of the extra work the body is doing.

Week 23

The baby weighs around a pound now, and is gaining weight and accumulating fat. The mother\'s \"baby bump\" is growing rapidly. Keeping the skin moisturized can prevent stretchmarks.

Week 24

Muscles are developing and the baby\'s skin is becoming wrinkled. Soon, fetal movement will become obvious to other people touching the mother\'s tummy.

Week 25

Blood vessels have developed in the baby\'s lungs, making breathing possible later on. The mother might be tested for gestational diabetes around the 25 week mark.

Week 26

Air sacs are forming in the baby\'s lungs, and a substance that keeps the lung tissue from collapsing.

Week 27

The baby might have reached a weight of 2 pounds now, and is around 12 inches tall. The baby can open and close its eyes. This week marks the end of the second trimester. The growing uterus may make it more difficult for the mother to fill her lungs completely, and breathing problems are not uncommon during this time.

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