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The Importance of Eyebrows

Many of us realize how important our eyebrows are only after we had lost them or experience their significant thinning. Nevertheless, they are very important for our proper functioning. Besides being an aesthetic factor regarding our facial characteristics, our eyebrows also protect our eyes and have various other beneficial properties. Therefore, some people with eyebrow problems often choose eyebrow implants as a solution. Cosmetic surgeries have become more available and affordable nowadays. Thus, an ever increasing number of individuals opts for these methods so as to correct some of their physical features to be more to their liking and the liking of others. As aesthetics are very important to the human race in general, understanding these endeavors is not hard. People desire to be positively appealing no matter what and decide to modify their faces, breasts and other body parts in order to achieve this. In the same manner, a majority of people, especially women, decide to undergo a eyebrow implant surgery.

Eyebrows, therefore are crucial for overall beauty of a person. First of all, they present a focusing frame, directing all the attention onto our face. Secondly, they contribute to the symmetry of our face as well. Namely, we all know that the people with symmetrical faces are considered beautiful in most cases. Therefore, if your eyebrows make your face halves identical, you are likely to be considered attractive. And, having attractive eyebrows leads to having great self-esteem and self-confidence, making it easier for you to cope with many of life's problems and difficult situations.

Eyebrow Problems

Genetics plays a great role when it comes to eyebrow density and shape. Thus, you might be born with thin or unattractive eyebrows. Then you might choose to have implants or modifications, making them more beautiful and prominent.

Additionally, some people may have lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy during their cancer treatments. Also, many diseases may lead to eyebrow loss too. Finally, stress may lead to this phenomenon, either without physical contact, or by plucking your eyebrows habitually. Either way, permanent damage may be done, making implants the only option for restoration of the losthair.

A Thing or Two about the Surgery

Upon paying your surgeon a visit, you will be asked to describe your desired eyebrow look, or pick one from pictures given to you. Make sure you ask the doctor if the selected eyebrows will be compatible with your face, contributing to itsaesthetics.

Then, once you have been given a local anesthesia, the doctor will take your hair follicles and transplant them into your eyebrows. Proper angling is crucial, thus the surgeon may need to do one hair at a time, ensuring this. The whole procedure lasts for about 4 hours or more.

Finally, after the recovery period which may involve bleeding and irritation, as well as eyebrows falling out, you will have a new set of stunning eyebrows which will grow more quickly, due to the fact that they will be growing from your hair follicles.

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