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Dangers of Salt Water Flush

We will give you several ideas on dangers from salt water that may prove useful, although this problem happens very rarely. Physical appearance is very important today and people always try to look as best as they can, and they try to achieve this goal in any possible way. Outer appearance is not the only relevant. We need to take a look at the inner body and clean it. To have a healthy body, we need to expel all the toxic and harmful material by detoxification. There are treatments that perform this function and they are becoming more popular today. Some of them are master cleanse diet and colon cleanse.

Detoxification can be done with the use of salt water, and we will focus on the dangers that can arise because of this treatment. The use of salt water will remove the toxins in natural way and to clear the colon. Sodium is the base item of this product. Patients with constipation can also use salt water for their problem. In order to make salt water, mix quart of boiling water and 2 teaspoons of salt. There are some risks and we will name a few in the following text.

Risks of Salt Water Flush

One of the risks associated with the salt water is vomiting. This common side effect is created because certain people cannot tolerate and digest salt. Vomiting usually does not create serious problems, but sometimes it can lead to esophagus tearing and pain in the muscles. Another danger is the damage to the throat and the mouth. Dehydration can happen as well, which usually occurs because of the empty stomach that came in contact with the salt water. Dehydration can be caused by diarrhea that is caused by the salt water. This risk can be considered as one of the bigger.

Next risk is connected with the imbalance of the electrolytes, which happens because the kidneys work much harder when salt water is digested. This leads to the retained electrolytes. This imbalance can sometimes provoke heart rhythm disturbance, problems with the muscles and several others. There are things that can impair the effect of the salt water and among those are diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, weak kidneys, and few others. To these we can add edema and intestinal troubles, along with many other medical issues. There is a split opinion when the use of salt water is concerned. While some think that it is the best choices for this kind of colon cleanse, others are skeptical and do not recommend this treatment.

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