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Introduction to Epsom salt cleanse

The Epsom salt cleanse is a good method for detoxifying the body and improving over digestion. It is also a commonly used method for getting rid of constipation.

However, there are certain side effects that people need to be aware of before beginning the cleanse.

Epsom salt is a hydrated for of magnesium sulfate and it has been used for hundreds of years for its healing properties. It is regularly used as a laxative and is often used for homemade baths that are very refreshing and healing for the body.

The cleanse is becoming very popular in people who are conscious about their health. The procedure involves drinking Epsom salt solution that is dissolved in water. Since it is a hypertonic, it attracts water from various parts of the body an results in very easy bowel movements, which is why it is not only used as a cleanse, but also as an effective remedy for constipation. Recipe for cleanse

There is really no specific recipe for the Epsom salt clean, but in short, the salt concentration and the quantity of water being used may vary from person to person.

The most commonly used recipe is two teaspoons of the salt and one cup of lukewarm water. The recipe is very simple, the salt is added to the water and then a person waits and stirs until the salt is dissolved completely.

It is important not too use too much of the salt because it can cause very severe medical problems. Effectiveness

When the cleanse is completely the body can see an improvement in several major areas. There will be an improvement, specifically, in digestive processes, which will be faster and will take care of any problems such as constipation, and the colon will be cleansed of toxins, which will also improve a person’s bowel problems.

Many doctors recommend that a person goes through an Epsom salt cleanse before he or she has a scheduled colonoscopy. Side Effects

It is important to note that if a person consumes a lot of this salt, it can lead to serious problems.

In a very high concentration, the consumption of Epsom salt can actually be life-threatening.

If the salt concentration is high and too much has been mixed with the water, it can lead to dehydration. The cleanse can also cause stomach gases and intestinal cramps if not performed correctly and with the right amount of salt and proportion between the salt and water content.

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