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Weight is an important issue in the America, particularly excess weight, and people are trying to find ways of fighting with this problem. In the following lines, we will talk about the use of diuretics for the weight loss. These pills involve much less risks than crash diets and starvation and they are very effective as well. We will talk about weight loss with diuretic pills and the way in which they work.


In order to explain what diuretics are, we will first explain what diuresis is. This is a process of elimination of mineral salts and fluids from the human body and this is done via urine. There are pills called diuretics, which stimulate this process and increase its chance of occurring. Diuretics stimulate the kidneys to increase the manufacture of urine and this increase the removal of fluids. Water retention can occur due to several health conditions, such as liver disease, kidney problems and heart failure, and in these cases, diuretics can be very helpful. Excess of salt, liquids and increased production of urine will be very beneficial with edemas. Also, problems like headaches and bloating caused by PMS can be reduced with the use of diuretics.

Weight Loss and Diuretics

The salt and water from the body will be removed with the use of diuretics and the amount of water removed can be even increased if the diuretics are used on regular basis, which will activate the loss of weight as well. This works very fast and the results can be seen after a very short period of time. But the fact remains that this is just water and the weight loss caused in this way is not really a weight loss. The water content in the body will be replenished once the person returns to a normal diet and thus the weight will be gained and returned to the previous one. This weight loss is a delusion since the water is removed and the fat remains, so when you start eating normally again, the water level will return to normal, and thus will also your weight. Melon, asparagus, parsley and celery seeds are natural diuretics. Also, you can use coke, herbal teas, coffee and cranberry juice as well.


There are certain dangers associated with the use of diuretics and the first one is the removal of essential salts and minerals that it causes. The body will suffer a electrolyte imbalance. One of the common deficiencies associated with the use of diuretics is the potassium deficiency. Also, since the natural way of the kidneys is not to remove minerals and water, it may confuse the filtration and excretion process. Loss of fluid in the body can lead to heart failure kidney failure, and in some cases, death. Kidneys can be damaged by the chronic diuretic abuse.

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