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There are many health dangers associated with excessive usage of the sauna, some of them even life threatening.


The word “sauna” actually means “unusually hot” and it refers to a small room where people experience dry and wet heat sessions. Saunas are becoming more and more popular as one of the effective means to deal with excessive weight. Moderate use of sauna may be extremely relaxing and healthy but there are also many disadvantages involved. Wrong types of saunas or using the sauna incorrectly may cause serious damage to the health. These are some safety precautions to consider before going to the sauna.

Sauna Suits

Sauna suits are made of nylon and rubberized vinyl or plastic, to emulate the benefits of real sauna. While, wearing the sauna suit, all of the body heat gets trapped inside and provokes excessive sweating. Sweating and removing the excess water from the body helps the person to lose weight and it is most commonly used by boxers and athletes. Heating and perspiration helps to detoxify the body and get rid of the impurities. If used properly it increases the metabolic rate and improves blood circulation, resulting in major health benefits.

Sauna Suit Dangers

There are some disadvantages associated with sauna suits. However, most of them may be prevented by the proper use of sauna suit. The most common side-effect of sauna suits usage is dehydration of the body. Dehydration is a dangerous health condition and in this case it occurs because the suits trap the heat and sweat inside, and the body easily gets overheated. Dehydration may be fatal for some people because it can lead to heart strokes. Heart strokes take place when the body core temperature significantly increases.

The other severe side effect of wearing sauna-suits is the loss of electrolytes. This may bring a significant damage to the kidneys and in some cases lead to the kidney failure.

Other reported dangers include heart attacks, fainting, unconsciousness, weakness and loss of energy.


Sauna suits may bring significant health benefits to the user, but only if used wisely. It is important to understand that sauna suit shouldn’t be the preferred weight loss method. Healthy diet, a lot of physical exercise and balanced lifestyle are better and healthier solutions to lose weight.

Sauna suits should be used only moderately and it is strongly advised to drink plenty of water and other fluids every time after the sauna suit exercise. Exercises shouldn’t be performed in extremely hot weather and the person should stop the exercise, and take the suit off, instantly if he or she starts feeling drowsy, dizzy or feel lightheaded with headache.

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