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There are numerous symptoms of dust allergies but in mostcases people actually do not notice the cause of the symptoms.

A dust allergy is oneof the most common types of allergies and it affects many people and causescoughing and runny nose throughout the entire year. Allergic reactions aremostly triggered by too much dust mites or by cleaning the dust. A dust allergycan also cause various other disorders and conditions and the people usuallyend up not realizing what caused the condition they suddenly suffer from.

Most dust allergy symptoms are very similar to the onesusually associated with pet allergies and they get intensified when a person cleansup the house and gets exposed to excess dust. Almost all types of allergy causethe eyes to become watery and itchy. A dust allergy is usually affiliated withrepeated sneezing, and it is most likely to occur just after a person wakes up.Runny and itchy nose, coughing and an irritated throat are not than uncommonwith dust allergies. Possible symptoms of dust allergy can also be difficultbreathing and asthmatic conditions. Other symptoms that are characteristic for dustallergies includes hives, wheezing, eczema, sinus pressure, eye redness, have feverand swelling of the skin under the eyes.

Over the counter antihistamines can be helpful in relievingthe symptoms of a dust allergy, while decongestants relieve the problemsassociated with a stuffy nose. Nasal sprays and eye drops can also be efficientto a certain extent since they also relieve the problematic symptoms. Gettingrid of dust mites is the best way to prevent the allergies from reoccurring.

Keeping the house clean by regularly washing the clothes,blankets, bedsheets and carpets in hot water will be helpful in getting rid ofdust mites. Quality detergents are much more efficient in remove the dustaccumulated in the clothes and furnishings. One can even purchase an allergy bedding inorder to relieve the dust allergy. A dehumidifier will reduce the amount of dustmites because it keeps the rooms dry. A thorough vacuuming maintains theoptimal cleanliness and gets rid of dust mites very efficiently. An air purifiercan come in handy, too. Non washable things can be left in the sunlight inorder to kill the dust mites.

A person who experiences any of the allergy symptoms shouldpay the doctor a visit. The doctor can prescribe medications and allergy shots torelieve the symptoms.

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