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Overview of the rotation diet plan

Dieting isa fastidious process which no one likes to go through. Not only is it hardbeing hungry, but the people hate renouncing their favorite foods. This is probablythe reason for the most diet failures. What’s very interesting about therotation diet is that its main premise is the fact that it doesn’t require oneto give up on the food they really enjoy.

Another oneof the rotation diet bases is that it lasts for two weeks at a time, andbetween every two-week periods, one has a week off to eat whatever it is theywant.

One finalrequirement which has to be fulfilled in order for the diet to be successful isthat some sort of physical activity has to be introduced to the daily routine.

How exactlydoes the rotation diet work?

What thisdiet aims to do is manage to lower the calorie levels as much as possible,without slowing down any of the metabolic processes. This can be done by makingsure to change the levels of calories that are taken in throughout the diet.What this means is that a diet should be held for two or three weeks, and onthe week upon finishing that process, one should be able to eat whatever theydesire.

The dietplan is not necessarily always the same, but the most basic one includes eatingthe foods that have very low levels of calories for the first three days, afterwhich the person holding the diet should allow himself to increase the level ofcalories a little, but with no exaggeration. When that first week is done, oneshould go the entire following week on a low calorie intake.

The final, thirdweek will not exactly be allowed permanent increase in the calorie levels, butthey will be allowed from time to time, in order to restore the balance in themetabolism. The fourth week is a week to relax and rest from the diet and allowoneself to some nice treats, after which the process is repeated in the samemanner.

What arethe benefits of a rotation diet?

Perhaps thebest quality of the rotation diet is that it’s quite flexible. This means thatthere are no strict rules when it comes to determining the kind of food and theexact number of calories that are supposed to be consumed while on the diet.

Also, anothergood news is that caffeine and alcohol needn’t be avoided at all while on thisdiet.

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