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For most of the people who use Holosync meditation, this new meditation technology is a powerful and often life-changing experience. Holosync is the alternative meditation system developed during the 1980’s. This type of meditation is unlike any other since it uses specially designed sounds to bring the brain into the alpha frequency. The sounds are also known as the binaural beats.
How it works?
Binaural beats are actually the auditory processing artifacts which brain perceives as a rhythmic sound. During the course of Holosync meditation, an individual plays sound using stereo headphones. The effect on the brain occurs due to the difference in frequencies played in one ear and those played in another. The effect occurs only when the difference between two frequencies is small, usually less or equal to 30Hz. The tones of different frequencies are mixed by the brain, and the person hears a beating tone. Adjusting of brain frequencies and awakening of the mind is possible even with the classic meditation. However, other types of meditation demand years and years of careful and dedicated practice before reaching the level at which practitioner feels the benefits of deep mediation. Binaural beats are therefore perfect solution for busy people all over the world who would like to reach higher levels of consciousness by using simpler methods. To get the maximum benefits, one can also use Holosync meditation together with any of the classic meditation techniques, or just listen to the sounds in the quiet environment.
Benefits of Holosync meditation
The Holosync solution works only if the person listens to the sounds every day, relaxed and undisturbed and only if the method is performed correctly – by using the headphones. The essential part of the program is to separate the sound of one frequency, with the sound of different frequency. Each of the sounds has to enter the brain separately, one by the left ear and the other by the right ear. The left and the right brain hemispheres will this way come together and the brain waves will synchronize in a deep meditative state.
One of the best benefits of Holosync meditation is that it improves the mental capacity and boosts the emotional and spiritual health. This solution helps one to focus on the present times and achieve the happiness and self-consciousness despite the circumstances. The method truly stimulates the brain activity and improves the individual’s imagination, creativity, intelligence and logical thinking. Consequently, the Holosync meditation adds to overall feeling of well being, inner peace and calmness.

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