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Does Joe Cross, a formerly fat Australian who suffered from a rare form of urticaria, have all the answers when it comes to weight loss? Are fresh fruits and vegetables and a juicer the solution to the "obesity epidemic" that is killing people throughout the western world? Many people seem to think so. After hearing about lots of people jumping on the juice bandwagon, we had to see Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead for ourselves. We didn't want to like this "documentary" something we thought would be another silly fad but we were secretly quite amazed.

Joe Cross decided he didn't want to be fat and unhealthy any longer. He had been on diets before, and he had even done juice fasts before, but he had always reverted to his fast-food eating, heart-attack inducing ways. This time, it was going to be different. He wanted to be healthy, and to be free from his auto-immune urticaria (a type of hives), and from the Prednisone he was taking to keep the condition in check. He made a documentary about his journey.

And the word journey is no metaphor, because Cross traveled to the USA to lose weight through juicing. Cross consumed nothing but fresh vegetable and fruit juice for 60 days!

This fast was meant to help him "reboot" his body. In order words, he was supposed to detox, lose the extra weight (a lot of it), and become healthy. I was skeptical. But Cross was under the care of a reputable doctor throughout his fast, and though I am still not convinced all the people speaking out as medical experts were actual experts rather than mavericks the important thing is that Cross lost his weight and actually got healthy.

A truck driver he met during his fast had the same type of urticaria Cross did, and was even more obese. After a while, Phil decided to give juicing a go too. He radically turned his life around, started exercising, and quit his job as a truck driver to inspire others to get healthy too. I have to admire their strength and persistence. Juice fasts are not for everyone, but it certainly worked for these people.

If you think it may work for you too, do talk to your doctor before going ahead. I'm not fat, but I may well give juice fasting for a few days a try. Nah, I won't. But I have a juicer, and I'll add more fresh juices into my family's daily life, for sure. All those vitamins and minerals can't be bad. You may like to read our great juicer recipes for postpartum mothers, if you're wondering where to start.

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