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Green teaessence and human health

Green tea is a substance that is not so widely used but that can be verybeneficial for one’s health. Regardless of the fact that not so many people use it, there is alot of information on this tea on the internet and in variousmagazines. Also, there have been many studies which confirm how healthy andbeneficial green tea can be for one’s health condition.

The life ofthe modern man can be substantially improved by using green tea. Someadvantages of using this tea in one’s nutrition have actually been proven. For example,green tea is known to reduce the level of cholesterol in one’s blood. Apart fromthat, it is efficient in forestalling the development of cancer cells, as wellas reduction of the speed of arthritis deterioration. Perhaps green tea is mosttypically used for aiding loss of excessive pounds.

Over 1,800studies have been conducted on the subject of green tea extract, and they haveshown that green tea essence really does have advantageous effects on humanhealth. This essence is rich in antioxidants, and that is the key for its abilityto restore health. What is more, green tea extract can be as efficient as somemedicines. Specifically we are talking about drugs for reducing the level ofcholesterol. What is important is that these drugs can also have side effects,whereas green tea essence is a completely natural substance. If presented withthe choice, one should always opt for green tea when seeking to lower theircholesterol.

Effects ofgreen tea extract

This teacan be substantially efficient in reducing the growth of cancer cells. There isa component of green tea called EGCG, and experts claim that it is effective inforestalling the onset of various types of cancer, such as, breast, prostate andlung cancer. A test has shown that women who consume green tea run a smallerrisk of getting breast cancer than those who don’t.

Green teaessence does a lot of good to lung cancer. Japan is known as a country in whichthere are a lot of smokers. Be that as it may, this country still has surprisinglylittle patients who suffer from lung cancer. The key is their high intake of greentea, which helps their lungs ward of cancerous processes. The chances ofgetting prostate cancer can be decreased by consuming green tea essence.

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