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Information on Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a certain type of supplement which is advertised as a miracle which can be very efficient in providing a person with an improved quality of overall health and even slowing down the inevitable process of aging. It all may sound wonderful, but one needs to dig deeper and get well informed before purchasing and using such types of supplements. Resveratrol is actually a naturally occurring type of substance which can be found in numerous different types of plants, especially fruits. The best natural sources of resveratrol include muscadine grapes and red grapes. In theory, resveratrol is a substance with very potent antibiotic qualities which are meant to be very efficient in helping various plants in fighting off different types of harmful infections. The world of scientists is interested in resveratrol because it is very efficient in enhancing the production of the Sirtuin 1 gene. This gene is one of the most important factors when it comes to the survival of cells, the metabolism of different types of fats and the production of insulin inside the human body. Due to numerous scientific studies which have shown that resveratrol may be beneficial for the health of humans, numerous companies started producing resveratrol in a supplemental from. Unfortunately, the quality of such products varies greatly due to a number of different factors. To add to the confusion and uncertainty – there are two different types of resveratrol available: cis-resveratrol andtrans-resveratrol. The first one is pretty much unstable and very hard to absorb, so that is why most consumers should opt for supplements made using trans-resveratrol because it is much more stable and it can be absorbed much more easily.

Resveratrol Supplements Side Effects

Resveratrol supplements are a fairly new invention but they still may be associated with the occurrence of certain side effects in some cases. The most common side effects of resveratrol supplements may or may not include a light headed feeling, decreased appetite, minor painful sensations in the joints, jittery feeling, diarrhea and an upset stomach. Most of the aforementioned side effects occur due to the presence of a certain substance known by the name of emodin. It is actually a laxative! Fortunately enough, there are still certain products available on the market, which do not contain any emodin, and they are usually made from trans-resveratrol. One should always consult a physician before using any resveratrol supplements.

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