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Restless leg syndrome

It has been estimated that about 10% of the world population suffer from this condition. As the name suggests it, the condition is marked by an urge to stir the legs. This condition is either caused or followed by uncomfortable sensation in the legs. However, the people with restless leg syndrome usually find it hard to explain the symptoms and sensations they experience but aching, itching, tingling and painful are the most frequently employed adjectives used to explain the sensations in the legs in those people suffering from it. Some other words describing the condition are twitching, burning, creeping and searing. Even though the name suggests that it is mainly the disorder of the lower extremities, the arms and some other body parts may also be affected by this condition as well. The symptoms of restless leg syndrome tend to aggravate at night and whenever the affected person takes a rest. Once he/she gets up and walks around, the symptoms are significantly relieved.

Alternative treatments for restless leg syndrome

After detecting the culprit, the treatment of restless leg syndrome starts with eliminating the cause. There are cases when the cause cannot be found but it can be related to some of the neurological disorders and stress, as well as to pregnancy and diabetes. The sleep deprivation due to intense restless leg syndrome at night may causes drowsiness, depression and accidental injuries. However, it has been discovered that the people with this disorder have low levels of iron, folate and vitamin E. By knowing it, restless leg syndrome can be treated by the supplementation of these important nutrients.

If the iron deficiency is the cause for the incidence of restless leg syndrome, the disorder is effectively cured by taking iron supplements or by eating foods high in iron. However, there are also people who have the normal level of iron in the body but who still suffer from the restless leg syndrome. Nevertheless, some experts claim that these people, too, experience this disorder due to the deficiency of iron since the brain does not absorb it properly.

Leg massage, icepacks and some painkiller or Aspirin may help people in dealing with this disorder. It is also recommended to avoid consuming caffeine, while the foods should be rich in magnesium and calcium. Exercising early in the morning is advisable for the people with restless leg syndrome as well as the good sleeping habits.

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