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Restless leg syndrome in short is recognized as RLS. This condition is a neurological disorder which makes one feel an uncomfortable, unpleasant feeling in their leg/s which in turn makes them have the need to constantly move the restless leg in order to gain a feeling of calmness. This condition usually affects people at rest, especially at night. As per research, there are over twelve million people solely in America that suffer with this disorder. There are both prescription drugs and natural remedies to assist with restless leg syndrome.

The Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

Unfortunately the cause is yet to be discovered. There has been research done that indicated a few factors such as family history and the genetics that are passed which are related to RLS. Having a low iron level in your system, certain chronic diseases and pregnancy can contribute to the disorder, as well as, definite prescription medications and the use of alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. Sometimes it can be fixed simply by not allowing yourself to have the particular substance that is the root cause for you.

The Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome

The most popular signs of having restless leg syndrome are experiencing an uncomfortable feeling that can be annoying, frustrating and sometimes painful and this is felt in the leg region in the calf, knee or ankle. It is not so common to be found in the thigh or the feet. It affects you mainly when you are at rest, lying down and especially at night time. Some patients have described the feeling like having a burning feeling that creeps up getting stronger and stronger until they move the limb. Others describe it as a feeling of insects inside their leg. It can affect someone twice a week to twice a year. It is immediately alleviated by walking and it can cause a person to have problems sleeping. In some cases it can cause a person to have uncontrolled jerking of that particular limb whilst at rest.

The Home Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

Usually, it is a low count of iron in a body. Try taking a daily multi vitamin that has iron and other essential vitamins in it such as B and E vitamin complex. Also try having about six to nine hundred milligrams of folic acid each day. Try to stay away from caffeine and smoking at all times but especially when you are sitting in the evening. Stay in a cool bedroom as heat can stimulate the symptoms and you can soak your feet in some cool water before you retire to bed.

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