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What Is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Namely, this is a condition involving the tickling and irritation constantly felt in one's leg. This conditioncauses the need of constant movement of this limb, resulting intemporary, short-lasting period of feeling comfortable. Shortly afterthe movement, all the irritating sensations return and the personsuffering from this condition must again set the leg into motion. Thepeak of discomfort strikes during night, while sleeping or lying inbed. Nervous sensation fills up one's leg or legs often havingsleepless nights as a result.

What Causes This Condition?

Although it does not feel so and, mostoften, people would not think that this is the cause, twitching ofthe leg muscles stand behind this irritating fit. Along with thismuscle condition, numerous other causes may lead to the restless legsyndrome. Coffee, cigarettes, some medications and many other factorswhich influence one's nervous or cardiovascular system, may produceanxiety as a result. A nervous system affected by such factors islikely to cause tickling sensations in the legs and may lead to thedevelopment of this troublesome syndrome.

Additionally, vitamin deficiency, somecontraceptive medication women take or simply malnutrition may alsobe the reasons behind these uncomfortable feelings one may have inhis or her leg. In some rare cases, extremely covert allergies maytrigger this condition as well.

How Can One Deal With It?

First of all, in order to functionproperly, our body needs vitamins and many other necessary elements.For example, vitamin E is known to be of great assistance in cases ofcramps and similar muscle spasms and as such is very important whendealing with the restless leg syndrome. Our nervous system needsvitamin B complex as well as folic acid and any deficiency of thosemay provoke this condition. Magnesium is a necessary mineral for thistype of prevention since it regulates sleep and muscle functions inour bodies.

These elements may be found in someherbs which are known to relax people and remove any stress oranxiety we might feel. A tea made from St. John's wort herb drunkthree times a day is known to help one sleeps better and leads a morerelaxed everyday life. Some other herbs like valerian or passionflower act as mild sedatives and are good for stress relieving. Thesecan also be consumed as a tea several times a day, ensuring a calmdaily functioning while at the same time enabling blissful sleepingexperiences.

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