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Restless leg syndrome is a specific disorder where the pain and other uneasy sensations occur in the legs. These sensations can be present even in other parts of the body. Person who suffers from this condition have the uncontrollable desire to move legs in order to prevent or put an end to these sensations. When putting legs in action, the person is relieved and the irritation in the legs stops. Studies have shown that the strength of these irritations is different at different individuals. Sufferers describe their sensations differently, but however they name them, they are unpleasant and they are making them move their legs.Until today, we don’t know for sure what causes this condition. It is known that about 60% of the cases are caused by hereditary factors. Also, if a person spends a lot of time in one position, such as sitting, restless leg syndrome can occur. Restless leg syndrome can be treated in different ways. Medications which can help are Gabapentin, benzodiazepines and anticonvulsants, but besides medications, you can try with home treatment. Yoga exercises are a part of home treatment in restless leg syndrome, because they help in relaxing, and when done properly and daily, they can be very helpful in eliminating unpleasant sensations. Individuals who must move legs in order to get rid of the pain, feel relieved for a short time, but it would be better for them to be physically active during the day.

They are advised to do exercises such as stretches, cycling or leg exercises. The individuals who are older could walk during the morning. Also, the deficit of iron in the body can cause problems of this kind, so it is advised for sufferers to take iron supplements. The best exercise for this condition is considered to be the exercise when moving your legs up and down rapidly. It is helpful to get up early and take a morning walk. Also, you should avoid drinks that contain caffeine, sugar and soda, and avoid eating chocolate. It would be very good to stop smoking. That may seem as a hard thing to do, but it is pretty effective. In the evening, at the end of the day, take a bath and relax your body. Your sleep must last at least for nine hours in order to get rid of your problem. Also, try to put hot socks on your feet while resting, and you will notice the difference for sure. There is one more thing you can do all by yourself and that is to avoid any stressful situations because stress can increase the symptoms of RLS.

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