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Restless leg syndrome is a well known health condition which affects a lot of people. Restless leg syndrome is considered to be a neurological condition and according to the data, more than 10% of all people in the United States suffer from it. Even though it is known to occur in men and women, women are more prone to suffering from it. It is not that uncommon in children either. The patients should know that the actual cause of the condition remains unknown even today. However, the experts have come up with several theories. The most common problem that a person who is suffering from restless leg syndrome may experience is when he or she goes to sleep.

Natural cures for restless leg syndrome

The data claims that more than 12 million in the United States are diagnosed with restless leg syndrome. All of these people know that it is not an easy task to get a hold of a natural cure for the condition. Those who do not know how it feels to suffer from restless leg syndrome should be aware that a person diagnosed with it has a very strong urge to move the legs because of the feelings of itchiness, burning, crawling and tingling sensations which he or she experiences. The most problematic period is during the night because all of these sensations are far worse at that time. The main reason why that is so, is because the symptoms become a lot worse as soon as a person relaxes. Because of this almost all people who suffer from restless leg syndrome experience many sleepless nights and feel exhausted all day. There are possible treatments for the restless leg syndrome but more and more people are interested in natural remedies because they do not cause any side effects unlike prescription drugs. A very common natural remedy for restless leg syndrome is a hot bath. The patients can also use cold showers or they can apply hot or cold compresses. Making certain changes in the diet is known to be recommended by almost all doctors. This is another way of treating the condition naturally. There are some foods and beverages that people diagnosed with the syndrome need to avoid and there are others which people need to include more. For instance, alcohol and caffeine needs to be excluded from the diet. Eating a large meal in the alter hours of the day should also be avoided because that meal can make the symptoms of the restless leg syndrome worse. On the other hand, there was a research which proved that there is a connection between the condition and the deficiency of iron. When this is considered, those who suffer from restless leg syndrome need to introduce more iron into their diet. It is not uncommon for the doctors to recommend the patients to take iron supplements. If a person does not wish to take supplements, he or she should increase the consumption of green leafy vegetables. A certain research even found the connection between obesity and restless leg syndrome. Due to this fact people need to go on special diets and exercise more often in order to get rid of the excess fat. A person who does that will relieve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome as well. Exercise is also considered to be one of the best possible natural remedies for restless leg syndrome. Making certain changes in the sleeping pattern might help as well.

Restless leg syndrome home remedies versus prescribed drugs

Even though there is no strong proof that caffeine agitates the symptoms of restless leg syndrome a lot of experts believe that it is the case. Due to this fact people need to exclude everything that makes them more nervous, jittery and tense in order to decrease the symptoms. Apart from caffeine, nicotine is known to cause the same problems so people should stop consuming it as well. Taking vitamins is considered to be an effective and commonly advised restless leg syndrome home remedy. Apart from vitamin B12, patients need to introduce more vitamin E into their diet. Apart from these vitamins, it would be good to introduce more minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. There are supplements people can take but these vitamins can be consumed through certain foods as well. A lot of doctors will recommend people to try relieving the symptoms with home remedies before using medications.Alternative medicine

Even though the actual cause of this health condition is still unknown, it is believed that the deficiency in certain nutrients is what causes the restless leg syndrome to occur. The doctor can order a blood test in order to see which nutrients a person is lacking. In almost all cases the doctor will then advise the patient what is the best way to introduce those nutrients into the diet.

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