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Restlessleg syndrome and the causes

Thisdisorder results in feeling the pain and discomfort in legs. Discomfort and pain are usually ended by moving legs. These irritations are more intense during thenight and that is why many sufferers develop sleeping problems. The conditiondevelops slowly and over time it can affect other parts of the body such asarms.

We don’t knowthe exact cause of restless leg syndrome but it is more frequent during pregnancy,if a person is overweight, don’t have enough iron in the body suffers frompolyneuropathy, has some hormonal problems and problems with kidneys. It canalso be caused by genetic factors. There are several medicines that can causerestless leg syndrome but this problem must be separated from other health problemsthat can develop similar symptoms such as problems with joints, nerves andcirculation.


Thetreatment of restless leg syndrome is based on easing the symptoms. If thiscondition is caused by another health problem, then the treatment of the causingillness is necessary. First of all, sufferers should avoid alcohol, coffee andcigarettes because they can make the problem worse. Seek for advice from yourmedical adviser about the medication you are using, because they can be thesource of your problem. If you are suffering from any other disease which cancause restless leg syndrome search for medical help. Be more active doworkouts and stretches and relax your body because it will help you.


If theseproblems occur three nights during one week and more often, then medicationtherapy might be needed. These drugs are helpful in easing the symptoms butthey can’t help you to get rid of the restless leg syndrome. Some individualsdon’t have constant problems, and if so, they should use drugs when the problemappears. The most commonly used medicines in the restless leg syndrometreatment are dopamine agents which enhance dopamine in the brain and help inreliving the symptoms. Then there are dopamine agonists which imitate the functionof dopamine. Benzodiazepines, also known as tranquillizers are used to help youto fall asleep. Opiates are effective in reducing discomfort and pain, but theyshould be used with caution because they cause addiction. Anticonvulsants arealso used in decreasing irritation and pain. There are alpha-2 agonists which areused to shut down the brain centre responsible for motions and stimulation. Allof these medicines can cause side effects and if you notice that something isjust not right while using them to contact your doctor.

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