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When your legs are notcomfortable while sitting or lying, when you have the urge to get up and walkaround, then you probably have restless leg syndrome. It can affect your sleep.This syndrome can develop at any age and during time it can get worse. Restlessleg syndrome occurs more often in women than in men. Medicines and lifestylechanges can help you in solving this problem.

The main symptoms which occur arelocated in legs, arms or feet. People can feel crawling, tingling, cramping,pulling, electric, itching and other symptoms in their legs, arms or feet.Symptoms can go away from time to time and then come back again.

Restless leg syndrome usuallybegins while the person is lying or sitting for a longer period of time. Thefeeling becomes less strong when the legs are moved. At night symptoms maybecome worse. When RLS is accompanied by periodic limb movements of sleep, thanyou can stretch and contract your legs during night without knowing about it.Even in some cases of RLS, this can happen during the day. You can ask formedical help without worrying that the doctor will not understand you becausethis is a well-known condition.

Iron deficiency and peripheralneuropathy can be the causes of this condition. Taking iron supplements candecrease restless leg syndrome. Do not take iron supplements without consultinga doctor. You should change your living habits in order to decreasesymptoms of restless leg syndrome. That is the case if your problem is notcaused by any other condition. If it is, then medications should be used. Medicationsthat are used to solve RLS are not made to treat this condition, but they tendto be effective in the treatment. Those pharmacies are made to treatParkinson’s dementia, further more to control body movement or tremor caused byPD. There are some mild side effects accompanying this treatment. Medicationsthat are also used for this syndrome are opioid. They are used to decrease the symptoms that are mild and severe, but they are addictive. The commonly usedare Roxicodone, Roxicet, Lortab and Vicodin. In the treatment for restless legsyndrome, benzodiazepines are used. They are effective in releasing muscles andthat helps particularly during sleeping time. There is one more group ofmedications that can help in resolving this syndrome and those are somemedications for epilepsy.

All of these medications can loseits efficiency at some point, and some of them can even worsen your condition.If that happens, consult your doctor and he will give you another medicine.Also, these pharmacies shouldn’t be taken if pregnant.

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