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What is it that makes the Thai massage so different and whatare the benefits?

Despite its name, it is believed that the Thai massageoriginates from Indiaand that it was developed more than 2,000 years ago. It was a part of the Thaimedicine for centuries and monks performed it as well. What makes it different fromthose forms of massage that are classic is that it is much more rigorous. Many wouldagree that it is very similar to yoga, with the difference that it does not requirefrom the person in question any efforts or work. The therapists do all thework, and they stretch the person in question. They do not only use hands andfingers to perform the massage, but they also use their legs, knees and feet, andthese stretching positions are similar to yoga poses, which is another reasonwhy many refer to this type of massage as Thai yoga massage.

Thai massage usually lasts from one to two hours, and theperson does not need to take off the clothes, since no oils are used. It isusually done on a mat, which is on the floor, and this means that no massagetables are involved. It can be used in order to reduce stress, relax and increasethe energy of the person in question. As for the medical reasons for which itis performed usually, it is known for its potential to improve flexibility and range ofmotion, but just like every other massage, this one also improves the circulation.

A word of precaution

In order to benefit from this massage and to enjoy it asmuch as possible, the person should avoid heavy meals right before. Also,people need to know that no discomfort should be felt during this massage, soif any discomfort appears, the therapist should be informed right away.

Pregnant women are recommended to avoid this massage, or toconsult their doctor in advance, although there are those massage therapist whoare certified in massages during pregnancy. If a person is susceptible to bloodclots or if some heart problem is present, it is recommended to avoid this massage,too, in order to avoid possible complications. Those who have certain skindisease or open wound, as well as those who have recently undergone some surgeryshould not choose this type of massage. The same recommendation goes for people whosetreatment includes chemotherapy or radiation, unless the doctor recommends it.

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