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Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese massage technique which seems to be constantly evolving, getting improved. This technique focuses on balancing the energy flow in one's body through applying pressure upon specific spots. Due to its effectiveness shiatsu is known to be a healing method of high quality and is, therefore, practiced around the world.

Shiatsu vs Acupressure

Many people believe that shiatsu and acupressure are the same thing. However, shiatsu was developed over 100 years ago in Japan. Speaking of shiatsu, it manifests through the practitioner using his/her arms, palms, fingers, elbows, knuckles and knees in order to apply adequate pressure, enabling a free flow of energy through one's body. This way, it strengthens a person's body organs, making them less prone to illnesses.

Similar to acupressure, shiatsu bases its technique upon the belief that we have two forces rushing through our body, being our life energy. One of these is Yin, being the negative energy and Yang, being the positive one. Whenever there is a lack of balance between these two, we suffer from a certain disorder. Therefore, shiatsu and many other techniques were developed in order to keep our bodies in balance, providing them with health.

Shiatsu has a holistic view of our body, releasing the energy blockages, wherever in our body they might be. Acupressure, on the other hand, concentrates solely on the acupressure points.

More about Shiatsu

In order to re-establish the flow of energy, shiatsu may use pressure for tension relief, tapping for circulation improvement or holding and squeezing for releasing the energy blockages, healing the body in the process.

Even though, initially, shiatsu used specific and limited techniques, today many new have been added. Shiatsu experts, basing their knowledge upon tradition, improve this massage technique through various innovations.

Thus, this discipline will probably evolve even more in the future. Moreover, it may give birth to some other massage techniques. Nowadays, shiatsu is practiced around the world in spas, medical centers, at home and in various other places.

Even technology was merged with shiatsu and we have many massage chairs which offer this kind of massage, emulating the natural shiatsu methods effectively.

All in all, defying time and focusing on its power, shiatsu remains popular ever today. Hopefully, in the future, more and more people will realize its potentials, practicing it for their own benefit. Western medicine has a lot to learn from other cultures. Thus, giving shiatsu a chance can prove to be the best thing you have even done since this massage technique is thorough, powerful and incredibly productive.

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