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Reflexology for reduction of body stress and tension

Reflexology is a special technique that is used for reducing stress and emotional suspense. It is good to know something about this technique so that you don’t feel uncomfortable when visiting a therapist in reflexology. We lead a very stressful life these days, but some of us can’t handle that stress as well as others, so they need help. If a person develops some kind of illness due to stress that he or she is experiencing, then it is time to try out reflexology. It is helpful in relieving stress and extremely good for the relaxation, but what is the best about it is that the effects of this technique can be sensed right away.

Reflexology treatment

When you decide to go to a treatment, you should know that the therapist will talk to you about your health issues so that he could know what area of your body to focus on. After this initial conversation, you will lie down on the table and the therapist will start with the treatment. He will use his hands during the treatment to press certain spots on your ears, hands and feet. When he finishes with the session, you will feel different sensations such as heat and others in specific body parts, which will happen because of the increased blood flow in those areas. When the session is completed, you will feel stress relieved and you won’t experience any pain during the session. The therapists who are experienced can determine how much pressure to apply on certain areas so that it doesn’t cause any pain. However, there are some individuals who say that they felt pain, but they describe it as a good pain.

How often you need reflexology treatment?

The answer to this question depends on the reaction of your body to the treatment. If you suffer from some acute issue, the therapist may suggest three sessions, one session every other day. It is because the therapist wants to see how your body reacts to the treatment. After this, you will have two sessions the most during one week, and when your condition improves, you will be suggested to go once a month to the treatment in order to prevent the problems from appearing again. Your will learn from your therapist how to use DIY techniques when you are not under the treatment. The conclusion is that we can’t determine how many sessions you will need because everyone’s body is different and it reacts differently to the treatment. Reflexology will help you, but we don’t know how much time will pass until your problem is completely solved.

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